Green Lodging

The Green Guide to Smithfield Farm B&B

The innkeepers at Smithfield Farm intend to encourage and promote ecological consciousness while providing wonderful hospitality to our guests. Our family will always try to improve and expand our environmental efforts for the health and enjoyment of our farm guests.

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While visiting Smithfield Farm B&B you can expect the following practices:

  • 400 acre sustainable farm
  • Recycling facilities around the property for paper, plastic, glass and metal
  • Compost bins for meal waste
  • Serving organic breakfasts with as many locally grown products, including our fresh eggs and meats
  • Use of biodegradable cleaner and laundry detergent
  • Durable service items, instead of plastic disposable
  • Using compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce electricity consumption
  • No pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers used anywhere on the farm
  • Turn back heat/AC when inn is not occupied
  • Low flow water fixtures and toilets
  • Recycle our old farm machinery
  • Energy Star computers /Washer/dryers in use
  • Cloth towels in restrooms
  • Farm is on the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail
  • Plants used in our landscaping are xeric
  • Donation of excess food
  • Purchase antique furnishings
  • Use of latex paints
  • Office use of email rather than paper
  • Vegetative buffers around our stream/spring
  • Use of water cooler to minimize use of single-use bottles